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We've sadly wrapped up bookings for the The Cav Presents! If you want to play a show at The Cavendish Arms you'll need to contact for more details on how shows at The Cav are going to run going forward from March 2024

Venue spec

Play at the Cav

PA / desk: 

2 x JBL EON 15 front of house speakers 

2 x W Audio SM8 Passive Speaker 80W 8"stage monitors 1 x dB technologies B-hype 8 active monitor 

Behringer X-32 Compact mixing desk
– up to 32 channels, 3 x on-stage monitor mixes, we can send to in-ear monitors if you 

bring your own, on board FX, aux in for laptops, phones etc. Stage lighting and DMX 512 192 lighting controller 

In house music equipment: 

Mapex Meridian kit: 

  • ●  Snare 

  • ●  Rack toms – 10”, 12”, 

  • ●  Floor tom – 14”, 16” 

  • ●  Kick drum 22” 

  • ●  Kick pedal 

  • ●  Tom, cymbal and hi-hat stands – please bring additional hardware if using more than 2 x toms and 3 x cymbals 

  • ●  Please bring: breakables AND ALSO hi-hat clutch, felts and wingnuts for cymbals as they keep disappearing and we cannot guarantee there will be some when you arrive. 

3 x Guitar amps: 

  • ●  2 x Fender Super Champ XD 

  • ●  1 x Fender Frontman 212R 


1 x Bass amp: Ampeg BA-110 v2 combo 

2 x keyboard stands Mics and stands
3 x mono Dis
2 x stereo DI 

Some music and power leads and adaptors (please ask if you have specific requirements) 

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